Earth Day Art Model

Telematic Festival
April 22, 2020

About the Festival

Earth Day Art Model is a global telematic arts event held in recognition of International Earth Day, celebrating its fiftieth year. Telematic art synthesizes mediums such as live music, dance, drama and visual arts with Internet-based interactive media and performance content. The festival will host and stream performances and media by musicians, artists, writers, and others. The theme, “Living with the Earth” seeks to highlight current artistic perspectives, ranging from anecdotal sensory observations to the integration of scientific data in the form of remote sensing, climate models, and field recordings. Performers will connect via the Internet though the Tavel Center at IUPUI in Indianapolis, where works will be streamed over a 24 hour period beginning at midnight Universal Time Code (UTC).

COVID-19 Pandemic

The festival originally planned for either live telematic performances or fixed media works, but in the wake of the COVID-19 global crisis, most of the live, public concerts across the world had to be cancelled. As a result, the festival established a new segment, “Music in Place”. This entails live performances over the internet using the simple format of presenting from one’s shelter in place over Zoom videoconferencing software. As witnessed daily in social media, this style of delivery is a true reflection of what musicians and others are currently harnessing in order to express themselves.

Check back to this website in mid-April for updates, including program notes and streaming details.

Call for Works Update: 3/31/20

"Music in Place" is a new category created for performances over zoom during the Earth Day Art Model Telematic Festival, April 22, 2020.

In light of the current world crisis, the festival has added this category for musicians and performers in the arts. This highly simplified network format entails live performances using zoom from one's domicile to the festival, which will stream the works. The festival theme, "Living with the Earth" speaks clearly to our collective condition in the moment, therefore we seek to provide a setting in realtime for expression on April 22, the 50th Anniversary of International Earth Day.


The festival seeks works from 3 to 20 minutes in length of live acoustic or laptop music. Other modes, such as dance, are welcome. In situations where even very low-tech, live-over-internet is not feasible, then recorded performances will be accepted, provided they are created in one's shelter space within a reasonable calendar date to the festival.

Apply by submitting a YouTube or similar format link of the work (or excerpt), a 150 word bio, and 150 word program notes to

Submission deadline: April 10, 2020.
Entry fee: None.

Sponsored and presented by the Donald Tavel Arts Technology Research Center, School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI.

For questions,

Submission Deadline

Deadline: April 10, 2020.

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